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Workshops in Chigasaki April/May 2012

Workshops in Chigasaki April/May 2012

The second workshop in Chigasaki brought together 200 students over four days.

Mihoko asked me to organise workshops in an ‘enjoy class’ style, which is to say, cheaper and shorter classes (between 1 hour 30 minutes and 1 hour 40 minutes) depending on the number of students. It was a success.

These workshops were organised into age groups: for children aged 6-9, children aged 10-13, for teenagers, for women and another for senior women. The average age for this final group was 66 years and the eldest, a lady of 77.

Mihoko has a school of over 400 students which has just celebrated its 15th anniversary. Over this time it has taught solely Hula and Hawaiian dance, and now they are delighted to be learning Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance).

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