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Teacher training in Yokohama

Teacher training in Yokohama

The teacher training took place in Yokohama even though the dates for its organization were changed several times. At this occasion, three new students joined Te Tuamarama: Mizue, who is already teaching in Shin Yokohama, Sayaka and Keiko who will soon teach in Yokohama and the Tokyo area.

A 12 lesson introduction program is now included in the teacher training.
In this program are mentioned all the drills and choreographies that need to be taught to the beginner students. The program will last three months (if the student takes 2 classes per week) or six months (if the student has only one class per week). If the teachers feel that it is necessary, they can stricly follow the menu and instructions given in the program.
This protocol seems to be very useful, especially in Japan.

Teacher training Level 2 will be held in March or April next year in Osaka, for the students who took Level 1 in Osaka in June and Yokohama in August.

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