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Ori Tahiti teacher training in Montréal and France December 2013

Ori Tahiti teacher training in Montréal and France December 2013

All workshops went very well.

In Montréal

Six people took part in this intensive 3-day session to receive an initiation on how to teach dance. All of them have started to teach Ori Tahiti since January in different areas in Montréal and Québec.
The atmosphere was excellent despite the snowstorm roaming outside and the polar temperature.
Nobody missed not even 5 minutes of the workshop.
This is an excellent start for Te Tuamarama in Québec.

In France

The workshop was organized in Moussais, in the Cher Department, at Turia Jamet’s place.
Ten people from France, Spain and Italy took part in this level 2 training session. The atmosphere was absolutely delightful. We are on track to developing Te Tuamarama in Europe.
Turai and her husband Jean-Jacques were fantastic hosts in these days of Christmas.

After the workshop, in the snow !

stage Montréal DEC 2013

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